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1MISSION is the leader in organizing and leading short-term mission trips with a long-term impact to El Salvador. Our mission trips are Christ-centered, safe, affordable, and hassle free.

It's our mission to connect people to people not people to projects.

Come along side of a family who has invested hundreds of hours in their community and help build their house. You'll truly be on a mission 'with' not 'for' them. Healthy missions is fully-dependent upon genuine partnerships, long-term relationships and sustainable development - connecting the church on a global level.

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El Salvador is a country full of hardship as well as opportunity. The war that ended in the early 1990’s has left a legacy that includes ongoing gang violence and political marginalization. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes combined with seasonal torrential rains and mudslides create ongoing challenges to those who suffer from inadequate housing, health care and low-incomes. This is especially true for those who live in rural areas. Unlike those who live in or close to cities, in rural El Salvador:

  • 63% live on less than $2 per day
  • 58% lack access to clean water
  • 23% of children suffer from chronic malnourishment
  • 46% live in dirt floor homes
  • 8% of children under five die from respiratory infections

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International travel and medical Insurance
Ground transportation
Tools and equipment to build the home

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