Our team of volunteers and staff are our most valuable asset for accomplishing our mission.
Our highest priority is to encourage, support, and empower each and every team member to reach their full potential and abilities.
Our leadership is committed to leading by serving.

Natalie Abeyta new

Natalie Abeyta, Partnerships Team Associate

After moving to Arizona from Texas, Natalie discovered her passion for missions. Graduating with a degree in Global Health from Arizona State University, she couldn’t be more excited that she now gets to spend time getting others involved and helping them find their role in missions. Not only does she love to travel and do life with others, but Natalie and her husband also have a goal of kayaking on every continent. Two down, five to go!

Merle Yochim

Merle Yochim, Trip Administrator

When Merle first convinced her husband, Greg, to take their three kids on a mission trip to Mexico 8 years ago – chances are, neither of them had any idea where it would lead! It is the friendships she has formed with the families and children on her many trips to Mexico that are her biggest inspiration. You’ll meet her in your “in-box” where she’ll help you with the administrative details of your trip; and then you’ll meet her again in Mexico, (where she’ll mysteriously turn into Mirla) and where she will help you with anything from mixing cement to replacing your forgotten towel!

Ruby Clark

Ruby Clark - Campaigner Specialist

Ruby joined the 1MISSION family when she decided to give up her 16th birthday to help a family in Nicaragua get a safe home. You can read her story and watch her mini documentary here. She raised enough money for an entire house, and then traveled to Nicaragua to help build it. Now she works as a campaigner specialist, helping others run the best campaigns possible so that they, too, can help families in need get safe homes. She doesn't just change the world during work hours. When she isn't talking with campaigners, she's inspiring her friends and family to live their lives fully for Christ.

Edric Gallegos

Edric Gallegos - Finance Director

Edric is originally from Sonora, Mexico. He dominated his education, graduating with a degree in industrial engineering, a minor in finance, and an MBA from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Monterrey, Mexico. He's held finance positions in both public and private sectors. All of this amazing experience makes him the perfect fit as Finance Director. In his free time, he enjoys travel and art like a true classy gentleman.

Brianne McNeeley

Brianne McNeeley - Communications Producer

Originally from Prescott, Arizona, Brianne graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Texas and immediately started changing the world as a graphic designer and social media extraordinaire. She’s passionate about communicating compelling stories that move people to action. She believes in checking spelling and punctuation on text messages. She also loves to hike, watch Netflix with her husband, and spoil their tiny grey dog.

Nate Hughes

Nate Hughes – VP, Partnerships

When you meet Nate for the first time, you will literally think you have been friends for 10 years. After graduating from Arizona State and then Phoenix Seminary with a Masters in Biblical Studies, Nate spent 7 years in the Czech Republic, where he was a youth camp coordinator. He uses his years of field experience, as well as his love for making a difference in people’s lives, to engage people in our mission. When he’s not traveling around meeting with churches and new people, you can catch Nate at any sporting event. He’ll be the one having in-depth conversation with total strangers.

Katie Jensen

Katie Jensen - Executive Administrator

Although born and raised in Phoenix, Katie graduated college in Kansas and came to us from L.A., where she orchestrated events in a group home facility for pregnant and parenting teens. A super planner since birth, she’s the logistical genius behind all of our major events. When she’s not on the phone or checking out venues, you’ll find her running, hiking, or doing something crafty. Fun fact: Katie LOVES exclamation points!!!

Pedro Tapia

Pedro Tapia - Mexico Country Director

Growing up in the barrios of Hermosillo in Sonora, Mexico, Pedro knows what it’s like to live without much hope. After attending the University of Sonora, he made it his life mission to spread a message of individual dignity and belonging among the world’s impoverished. After 10+ years of leadership in Hispanic churches throughout California, Arizona, and Mexico, he now helps his community in Puerto Penasco identify problems and the assets they have to implement solutions.

Greg Yochim

Greg Yochim - VP, Operations

For most of his career, Greg worked in the private sector in oil drilling and geomatic engineering. He led one of the first groups that traveled to Puerto Penasco to build a house with 1MISSION; he’s never looked back. Since then, he’s been using his logistical expertise to coordinate the thousands of people that travel to Mexico every year to build homes. He knows his way around the office, but you’ll most likely find him taking care of business from a taco stand in Mexico. Originally from Alberta, Canada, Greg has been an honorary Phoenix native for more than 10 years.

Jason Law

Jason Schneider Law - Founder, President

After years of volunteering in Mexico - building dozens of houses, Jason was compelled to do more. In 2008, he left his career as a professional firefighter and founded 1MISSION with a vision of empowering families and communities to lift themselves out of poverty. With a background as wide-ranging as his talents, he leads the overall vision and operations of 1MISSION. Read his full story and find him @_jasonlaw.