Meet Ruby, a 15 year old from Phoenix, Arizona who decided to give up her 16th birthday to fund a house for Argentina and her family in Nicaragua. What started as a sacrifice turned out to be the greatest adventure of her life.

Argentina lives in the remote community of Tichana, located on the slopes of the Madera Volcano on Ometepe Island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. She is a single mother of seven children. In 2011, when she was pregnant with her 7th child, her husband took his own life. When she gave birth, her baby daughter Milagro needed surgery to repair a problem with her esophagus that prevented her from eating. Argentina had to be away from the rest of her children for two months, but thanks to the community and local church, her children were well taken care of.

Argentina's Family
Argentina House Argentina House

The local women of the Community Health Education (CHE) program have embraced Argentina and her family. They have taught her to make bags and jewelry to help provide income for her family. The family also works as farm laborers when the work is available. Argentina is very thankful for the support she and her family have received from the CHE program and the local church.

Service Icons

The Godinez family earned their home by participating in the local Community Health Education program. They taught others how to make pastries and how to do embroidery. She also did home visits with local families in the community teaching sanitation and health. In addition they served at a local school digging deeper and safer holes for new latrines. Imagine sending your child to school wondering if she'll fall into a latrine today. This is the reality of so many in this area because of the moisture on the ground, holes dug for latrines cave in regularly.

Ruby Argentina Build
Ruby Ruby

After raising over $11,000 through her birthday campaign, Ruby was surprised at her 16th birthday party to receive a plane ticket to Nicaragua. In addition to funding the Godinez's new house, she was now going to meet them and help build their new home. Throughout her adventure, friendships were made, celebrations were held and the constructon of Argentina's new home went underway. Not only did committing her birthday make an impact in the Godinez's lives, it also impacted Ruby, giving her a new perspective on life. Argentina and her family are now sleeping in a safe and secure home.

Godinez Home

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